Teach you to make summer refreshing smoothies

Update:15 Feb 2020

Just put the fruit and ice together and make a dozen, y […]

Just put the fruit and ice together and make a dozen, you can make a good smoothie, which looks very simple, in fact, there are some things to note. To teach you to make a smoothie with zero failure, first of all, to choose the right machine, it is recommended to use a juice machine or a cooking machine that can crush ice, because the ice can be placed directly into the machine without prior breaking. In general, the machine has a better effect with a hand-mixed stir bar, and the smoothie that is made is smoother and smoother. If you don't have it at home, you can also use a cooking stick or a simple juice machine. It is recommended to use a simple juicer for vegetable juices. It is recommended to break the ice cubes first. Otherwise, the blade of the juicer is easily damaged, because the ice cubes will melt somewhat during the crushing process, and the amount of ice in the recipe can be slightly increased, and the smoothie will not be in a state of sparse water.
Second, first put the liquid or pulp slightly whipped, then add ice. The water released by the liquid or fruit drives the ice and whipped finer. If it is directly whipped with the pulp or liquid, it is easy to cause the juice machine motor to idle and lose the service life of the juice machine. Before using the juice machine, or after use, you need to pay attention to the cleaning problem, especially the plastic gasket inside the juice machine. The machine must be wiped clean and dried before it can be put away to prevent mold growth.