Are you using such an ice machine in a tea shop with a high turnover?

Update:04 Dec 2019

The advantages of ice cubes 1. Can remove the bitter ta […]

The advantages of ice cubes

1. Can remove the bitter taste of tea, drink into the ice with Xueke Cup Xueke is for the rapid chilling, because the red tea after the rapid chilling, the smell of tea will be much reduced.

2. It can lock the tea fragrance, and when the drink is cooked, it will be cooled in real time to lock her flavor with a large amount of ice for preservation. The low temperature bacteria activity is weak and the odor caused by the decomposition of the food is less likely to occur.

3. The role of ice cubes for drinks is also to keep warm, fresh and beautiful. Allow the drink to maintain a relatively low temperature for a period of time.

4. Low temperature can inhibit the activity of bacteria, and the ability to decompose bacteria is greatly reduced. Tea is also healthy to drink

The most important thing is to see the addition of ice in the drinks on a hot summer day. Even if you haven’t had a summer heat, you have already lost most of it.

Therefore, ice plays a very important role in the drink, and the ice machine is also one of the necessary equipment for the beverage store.