How to clean the ice cream machine?

Update:04 Nov 2019

After the ice cream machine is used, it should be clean […]

After the ice cream machine is used, it should be cleaned in time. The ice cream machine has the automatic cleaning function. Press the cleaning button to clean the machine. Then pay attention to the problem when cleaning the ice cream machine.
1. All materials in the ice cream machine should be drained before cleaning. If there is any material remaining, it needs to be powered off for 30 minutes, and then cleaned after the ice cream melts. When cleaning, turn off the power and pull the puffed tube down.

Second, when cleaning, you can add the right amount of detergent or disinfectant. When the storage tank is not in the air bubble, press the cleaning button, clean it for about a few minutes, drain the cleaning solution, then clean it with water 3 to 4. Times.

Third, after cleaning the parts of the ice cream machine movement, it is necessary to check whether the agitator seal is damaged, and whether each part to be lubricated is coated with Vaseline.

4. After cleaning the inner cylinder and various components, install them in order, and do not tighten them too tightly when installing the screws.

5. When using the ice cream machine again, clean the machine with clean water for about 5 minutes. After confirming that the water is completely discharged, add the ice cream slurry for production.