What is the reason for the leakage of ice machine

Update:08 Jul 2020

At present, ice machines are widely used in cold drinks […]

At present, ice machines are widely used in cold drinks shops, laboratories, hotels, universities and other occasions. Due to different needs, manufacturers also make laboratory ice machines and snowflake ice machines to meet the needs of ice in different industries. What if the ice machine leaks during use? In this case, don't panic, we should first check the fault and then find the correct treatment. Several reasons for the leakage of ice machine, and troubleshooting methods.

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How did the ice maker leak

1. The inlet valve supplies too much water to the water pan.

2. The connecting pipe is broken.

3. Hoop failure.

4. The water level float valve is invalid.

Find the leaking method of the ice machine:

1. Turn off the power of the ice maker before all operations to prevent the risk of electric shock during the following process. If the power switch fails to turn off the ice maker, it is recommended to turn off the main breaker of the ice maker.

2. Close the water supply valve, stop the water supply, find the water supply valve through the tracking hose returned to the bottom of the ice machine, and then turn the water supply valve on the knob to cut off the water supply.