What factors need to be considered before buying a snowflake ice machine

Update:16 Jul 2020

What factors need to be considered before buying a snow […]

What factors need to be considered before buying a snowflake ice machine?

1. Demand

According to your own needs, choose laboratory snow ice machine manufacturers snowflake ice machine, hot pot restaurant snowflake ice machine, supermarket snowflake ice machine, buffet snowflake ice machine, etc.

2. Budget

In any case, cost plays a decisive role. Of course, you cannot choose products that you cannot afford. Therefore, we always recommend that you find a project that fully matches your specific budget.

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Snowflake ice making

3. Product features

-Size: The compact size is one of the main advantages of the ice machine. Smaller models can work faster and sometimes stay icy instead of ice with a large footprint and weight.

-Speed: Speed ​​is also a good indicator of machine quality, so it is very important to check the length of the production cycle of each product in order to accurately understand the speed of delivery of your cube.

-Ice shape: Each structure allows ice to melt at a compatible rate. This requires you to consider this use factor to choose the ice type.

-Performance: This factor is defined as the number of pounds of ice that the machine can create within 24 hours. For a good portable ice maker, you may want to invest in an option that can produce about 32 kg of ice per day. This number is sufficient for small laboratories.

-Cleaning and maintenance: Although this ice maker does not actually require frequent cleaning and maintenance, it is best to find products with their own mesh filters and self-cleaning cycles. These automatic functions enable your equipment to be better maintained.