How to distinguish the model styles of household and commercial ice machine

Update:23 Jul 2020

Many cold drink shops and beverage shops need a food ma […]

Many cold drink shops and beverage shops need a food machinery and equipment for making shaved ice in the hot summer.

In the classification of ice shaver, there is also a distinction between home and commercial ice shaver. Although there are many small commercial equipment into the home, when commercial use, you need to pay attention to choosing equipment with higher power.
There are two types of shaved ice ice products, one is called snow cream and the other is called soft ice. The equipment produced is also diverse, with the following styles:

Generally speaking, the demand for shaved ice in the home is not very large, so the hand-cranked ice shaver (House Picture 1) is sufficient. And (domestic picture 2) electric ice shaver is available in commercial and domestic. In comparison, the price of the two household ice shaver machines is about one-tenth of the price of electric ice shavers.

BY-189-Commercial electric snow cone maker shaver snowflake shaved ice machine for dessert
The hand-cranked ice machine for household use usually only needs to use the ice cube mold to put the ice cubes in the refrigerator and then directly put it into the hand-cranked ice machine to use, and then it can make delicious shaved ice.

The first commercial ice crusher is more convenient to use. It also uses ice cube molds to put it into the freezer layer of the refrigerator and then directly put it into the ice maker to make shaved ice. There is no need to configure a unique mold. Because this kind of ice shaver has a cover that blocks it, it can be used regardless of the size of the ice cubes during use, and there is no need to use a special freezing mold.

The second type of commercial ice machine, the ice block machine, the frozen mold equipment is required when purchased and used.

Put the prepared ice slurry into the mold of the ice block machine and freeze it into a large cylindrical ice block, and then put the frozen ice block on the ice block machine to make the ice block.