How to choose an ice machine in a commercial kitchen

Update:08 May 2021

Commercial ice machines are widely used, and are widely […]

Commercial ice machines are widely used, and are widely used in catering, large supermarkets and other industries. First of all, we must understand that the ice made by the ice making mechanism is slightly different from the ice cubes made in the refrigerator. Our commercial ice machine It is an ice making equipment that generates ice after being cooled by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system through a water evaporator, but how to choose a cost-effective commercial ice maker?

The main purpose of the ice maker is to shovel ice. We don’t need to consider the amount of ice produced. We also need the entire equipment to have stable quality and good service. When buying equipment, we need to pay attention to the main components, ice maker machine wholesale including compressors and evaporators. Try to buy branded suppliers as much as possible. Once the temperature of the equipment is too high when the non-brand ice machine is working normally, when it reaches 40-50 degrees, the whole equipment will have the problem of not shoveling ice or producing less ice.

When we usually use the ice machine, we need to check whether the water supply device is normal and whether the water tank storage capacity is reasonable. When we plug in the power, the ice machine works normally, the water pump starts to operate, and the water pump has a short-term air discharge process. , The compressor will start normally in about 2 minutes, and the entire ice maker will enter the ice making state.