In the ice maker, which ice-making speed is air-cooled or water-cooled?

Update:23 Jan 2021

The cooling methods of ice machines are generally divid […]

The cooling methods of ice machines are generally divided into air-cooled condensation and water-cooled condensation, that is, air-cooled and water-cooled. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages ice shaver of the two condensation methods.
1. Advantages of air-cooled ice maker:
No water resources are required, and operating costs are low.
Easy to install and use, no other supporting equipment is needed, it can be put into operation as long as the power is turned on
Does not pollute the environment.
It is suitable for areas with severe water shortage or rare water supply.
Higher cost investment.
The high condensing temperature reduces the operating efficiency of the refrigeration unit.
Not suitable for areas with dirty air and dusty climate.
2. Advantages of water-cooled ice maker:
Make the condensing temperature of the refrigeration unit low and improve the refrigeration efficiency
The initial investment cost is lower than air cooling and evaporative cooling
Good cooling effect, suitable for medium and large refrigeration systems
Disadvantages of water-cooled condenser
Water consumption
Water spray, some impact on the surrounding environment
Need to install waterway system, water supply system
In short, when purchasing an ice maker, you must carefully decide which refrigeration method to buy based on the conditions you meet, and it has achieved excellent ice making effects.