What are the characteristics of ordinary small ice machines?

Update:23 Oct 2020

What are the characteristics of ordinary small ice mach […]

What are the characteristics of ordinary small ice machines? Small direct cooling ice machines are more suitable for self-employed individuals with less personal consumption to sell ice, fresh aquatic products and food processing. Direct cooling, ice maker machine factory the evaporator and the refrigerant directly exchange heat, hence the name; there is no intermediate heat transfer medium to avoid the energy loss caused by heat exchange with the coolant; the evaporator is made of food-grade aluminum with high thermal conductivity .

The thermal conductivity of the ice maker is three times that of steel, the weight is only 1/3 of that of steel, and it will not rust. Ice can produce edible ice. Small automatic ice maker, small automatic ice maker, used for fast deicing: After the water freezes, the ice making system heats up in the reverse direction, and the hot fluorine enters the evaporator to de-ice, and the deicing speed is fast.

The ice cubes fall directly on the ice conveying device, without cranes and other lifting equipment; saving operating costs: Compared with the traditional salt water ice maker, it can be designed and manufactured as a container or modular product, with the simplest operation and more Small footprint. Hot fluorine automatic deicing, fast deicing speed, saving manpower and electricity. Thereby greatly reducing the cost of ice making. Stable and durable: the use of circulating hot air ice lift technology and direct thermal expansion heat transfer technology makes the product performance more stable; the design life of the aluminum alloy evaporator is 30 years, no deformation, no need to replace, one-time investment, lifelong benefit