What are the factors that cause errors in the use of ice cream machines

Update:26 Sep 2020

The ice cream machine is easy to cause errors in the pr […]

The ice cream machine is easy to cause errors in the process of using

Before making ice cream, we would like to mention that the ice cream machine is easy to cause errors in the process of using it.

The first is the puffing tube. When we try some new ice cream powder recipes, for example, this time we want to try the blueberry snow ice machine wholesale yogurt flavored ice cream powder. We just got the new product from the new company, and we don’t know the ingredients in the recipe. understand. Then before opening the material, we need to make a preliminary understanding and judgment of the ice cream powder based on the content of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and stabilizers included on the label of the ice cream powder package.

However, after the ice cream powder is opened, the hopper and mixing tube of the ice cream machine have also been operated to a temperature of 5 degrees or less, which meets the hygienic standards. After the new ice cream powder is poured, it is not clear how fluidity is. So after we pour the material in, we can see that there are 4 gears adjusted by the expansion tube. The smaller the number, the higher the expansion rate. When trying this new formula that does not know the fluidity of the formula, we adjust it to the middle gear and insert it into the discharge hole.

The gear in the middle of the expansion tube will be more moderate. If the content of stabilizer in some formulas is slightly higher, the ice cream material will not cause freezing even if the fluidity is not so good. Or if the fluidity of the ice cream material is particularly good, and the discharging rate is too fast and the puffing rate is insufficient, then it can continue to be adjusted. Basically, after 20 minutes, we have already seen the feeding condition and fluidity through the hopper. This is the use of the expanded tube.

The second thing to pay attention to is the expanded tube apron. The expanded tube apron is made of gas phase and silica gel that meet the food grade. If we are unskilled in using tools to remove it profitably, it is easy to loosen the rubber ring and break it. So we recommend using your hands. The rubber ring is relatively soft, so use our two thumbs to squeeze upwards and see a small bump, which can be easily removed from the bump, so that you can extend the rubber ring with care. Life. Although the apron is a vulnerable part, we recommend to change it every three months, but if we often use a tool to pull the apron several times, it will soon cause the apron to loosen and the sealing performance will not be so good.

The third point is that we continue to expand the tube. We will provide some special cleaning tools for everyone. When cleaning, we recommend that after the inner tube and the outer tube are separated, use this brush to go in and carefully brush. The inner wall of it must be brushed carefully, especially for some high fat and protein content, it will stick to the inner wall, and it is more difficult to clean it with water alone, so we recommend that you must use a brush to clean it. There is also a hopper mixing shaft. Because the hopper mixing blade is made of metal, it is not so viscous, but the hole on the hopper mixing blade must be inserted in with this brush. It must be completely cleaned, and then we will disinfect it after washing. Water to rinse.