What are the flavor classifications made by the shaved ice machine

Update:12 Aug 2020

The classification of ice shaver is relatively simple, […]

The classification of ice shaver is relatively simple, because its technical threshold is not high, and the production process is not complicated enough. According to the processing method of shaved ice, it is divided into: automatic ice shaver, semi-automatic ice shaver, and manual ice shaver. According to the shape of the shaved ice produced, it is divided into: ice crusher and snow shaver. The main raw materials for making shaved ice food include:   
1. Coconut fruits: can be divided into original coconut, pineapple coconut, grape coconut, snow ice machine factory strawberry coconut, lychee coconut, apple coconut, peach coconut orange coconut, cantaloupe coconut. 
2. Jams: strawberry jam, pineapple jam, ebony jam, sour plum jam, clear apple jam, kiwi jam, lover jam.  
3. Crispy honey beans: can be divided into red honey beans, green honey beans, yellow honey beans, black honey beans, bowl honey beans, and broad honey beans.  
4. Pearl milk balls: large milk balls, syrup, sugar, snow ice, three slices, raisins, condensed milk, the following introduces several shaved ice food raw materials: mung bean flavor: first boil the mung bean, put in the right amount of sugar, Then simmer slowly. Until the water dries up a bit and the mung beans begin to crumble, turn off the heat and cool down, and then take an appropriate amount of mung beans and mix them with the condensed milk available in the supermarket.   
5. Peanut taste: Put the purchased peanuts in oil and fry it crisply. This is to increase the sweetness of the peanuts. After the pan, wrap the peanuts in paper towel or gauze to absorb the oil. After mixing a small amount of water and sugar, use a blender to break the peanuts. To increase the stickiness of the ingredients, you can also add a few spoonfuls of peanut butter before mixing.  
6. Fruit taste: just smash your favorite fruit into small pieces and mix in some condensed milk and sugar water. In this way, the entire process of operating through the ice shaver is perfect.