How to work that portable small refrigerators is designed to exchange cold and heat

Update:21 Aug 2020

There are actually many kinds of portable small refrige […]

There are actually many kinds of portable small refrigerators, but most of them are semiconductor refrigeration, which is similar to Xiaomi's mobile phone ice-sealed heat dissipation back clip. The principle is the same. A semiconductor chip is designed to exchange cold and heat within a small power range.

For example, a small refrigerator with semiconductor refrigeration is defined as a dual-use mini refrigerator in the car and home. Indeed, after replacing the power cord, it can be used at home, in the car or even outdoors. But the refrigeration temperature is relatively limited, the lowest is 5℃, and the performance is relatively poor.

37L/8L PP Car Portable Refrigerator YT-B-45PX

Refrigerators of the same shape and positioning, as well as compressor-cooled car refrigerators, also called portable mini refrigerators. The difference is that there is a powerful compressor in this big guy, which is the same as household refrigerators. For refrigeration, it can complete refrigeration and also have freezing function.

This kind of car refrigerator is more popular in overseas markets. Thanks to the terrain and lifestyle of European and American countries, most people will prepare a car refrigerator in their pickup truck or RV. Because of the high frequency of daily car use, they need to travel almost every day. With the help of a car, the role of the refrigerator is particularly important at this time, you can use the refrigerator to fill a lot of food, beverages and even cold medicine, along the way.

This kind of portable small refrigerator is indeed the most popular in the world. It not only guarantees the refrigeration performance, but also has the advantages of being portable and convenient to use.

Of course, there is the last type, a so-called portable refrigerator that rarely appears in the eyes of ordinary users. It is called an energy storage board passive car refrigerator, and most of them are named car refrigerators. However, the actual usage scenarios are diverse, outdoor Or indoors can be used.