What are the main uses of the flake ice machine?

Update:26 Mar 2021

The flake ice machine presents a flat shape, so it has […]

The flake ice machine presents a flat shape, so it has a heavier weight than other ice shapes of the same weight, so the lifting area is larger and the overall cooling effect is better. The surface area of ​​one ton of flake ice is 1579 square meters. For example, granular ice and tube ice can only provide 395 or 1294 square meters. Therefore, the cooling ditch of the flake ice machine is 2-5 times higher than that of the granular ice. What are the uses?

Application of seafood and aquatic products preservation in supermarket hotel cafeteria:

Fresh seafood, aquatic products, chickens, ducks and vegetables in supermarket cafeterias need to ice cream machine be chilled and kept fresh with sliced ​​ice. The method is to spread ice flakes on the ice table, and then spread the fresh ice flakes on the ice flakes, which not only preserves freshness but also facilitates consumers to purchase. Usually supermarkets are equipped with 0.3 ton or 3 ton flake ice machines, like the demand for ice in large-scale chain supermarkets. The amount is relatively large.

Retail fresh meat preservation in the seafood market:

Vegetable markets have more fresh food than supermarkets. There will be many seafood and aquatic products, fresh meat, fresh frozen products and vegetables. The usual method is to first spread a layer of 50-100 flakes of ice on the stall, and then build a circle of ice wall with a height of 50-100mm around it, and then put the fresh food into the ice wall, plus the comparison of the melting of the ice flakes in the vegetable market Fast, choose a flake ice machine that requires continuous ice production and stable performance. The vegetable market will generally be equipped with 1 ton-10 ton small and medium-sized flake ice machines to ensure that each stall has ice