What is the reason why the ice machine does not de-icer

Update:02 Apr 2021

Ice makers can be divided into commercial ice makers, h […]

Ice makers can be divided into commercial ice makers, household ice makers, and industrial ice makers.
Ice making machines can be divided into three types: granular ice (cylindrical, square and moon-shaped), snowflake ice, flake ice, slab ice, tube ice and newly developed spherical ice.
According to the ice making method, granular ice can be divided into spray type, flowing water type and immersion type.
Generally cylindrical ice is made by spray, commercial ice shaver  and the freezing point is relatively low below -20°C. The contact surface between the cylindrical surfaces is small, it is not easy to stick together, and it is convenient to use ice.
Cylindrical ice cubes have high hardness, low temperature, crystal clear ice cubes, suitable for cooling wine. The slow melting speed will not dilute the wine.
But affecting the taste of wine, the disadvantage of the cylindrical ice maker is its low ice making efficiency, and it is generally used to make a small bar ice maker.
The temperature of flake ice is -6℃~-12℃, which is most suitable for industrial processing and transportation of perishable items.
It is often used for seafood display in supermarkets. Large ice can also be used in cement plants, chemical plants, meat processing plants, marine fisheries, etc.
Refrigeration methods can be divided into water-cooled ice maker and air-cooled ice maker.
There are several reasons why the ice machine does not de-icer:
1. If the ice cube is too thin, it can enter the deicing state and cannot be deiced.
2. Deicing can be done, but not good.
3. The ice cube is too thick to de-icer.
4. The ice maker is out of ice.