What details should be paid attention to when choosing a cost-effective ice machine

Update:09 Apr 2021

The main configuration requirements of compressors, pum […]

The main configuration requirements of compressors, pumping motors, condensers, etc. are relatively high. For example, domestic accessories cannot meet the normal operation of ice machines, so you need to choose well-known brand compressors.

The ice maker of the evaporator adopts thickened copper plate ice maker machine wholesale to make ice and de-icing speed after secondary nickel plating, which meets national food standards. Inferior ice machines are noisy, consume a lot and have a short service life.
Bullet ice

The internal space design of the ice maker:

After the ice machine is opened, the compressor, condenser, desiccant, and evaporator of the refrigeration system are designed inside the ice machine. The wiring of the entire equipment is arranged in an orderly manner. The parts that are prone to moisture or wading are waterproofed. It can withstand the test of high temperature, even if the temperature is above 40 degrees, the ice making speed is still unaffected. However, inferior ice machines are messy, and they may even stop after half a year of use.

The heat dissipation space of the ice machine in the later stage is reasonably designed to make the ice faster, which can achieve the purpose of energy saving. In order to make the later maintenance and repair more convenient, 2 to 4 external screws are used for the convenience of disassembly in the later stage.