What are the requirements for the placement environment of the ice machine

Update:25 Feb 2021

  1. The ice maker should be placed in a well-vent […]


1. The ice maker should be placed in a well-ventilated and cool environment. Avoid heat and direct sunlight as much as possible. The environment temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius and not higher than 35 degrees Celsius.

2. The ice maker machine   should be placed on a level ground and placed steadily to avoid vibration and noise or even no ice production during ice making.

3. Clean the surrounding area of the ice maker regularly. Do not pile up debris. Avoid dust accumulation around the ice maker and affect the heat dissipation of the equipment. If necessary, install an exhaust fan around the ice maker to assist the ice maker to dissipate heat.
Desktop ice maker

4. Leave a good gap around the ice maker, the left and right gaps and the back of the ice maker are not less than 30 cm, and the top gap is not less than 60 cm.

Pay attention to the above four points when placing it, so that it can provide a good heat dissipation environment for the condenser, and the condenser can fully dissipate heat to achieve the best performance of the ice maker.