What to do if the snowflake pellet ice machine suddenly does not make ice

Update:04 Mar 2021

When we use the snowflake pellet ice maker, various min […]

When we use the snowflake pellet ice maker, various minor problems will inevitably occur. The ice maker does not make ice. What should we do? Common equipment does not make ice, mainly because the compressor is hot and the compressor is hot and the overheating protection is not It makes ice, but what is the reason why the ice machine suddenly does not make ice?

The water pump of the ice maker is broken and cannot press the water onto the ice making tray, so ice cannot be made normally. If conditions permit, the water pump needs to be cleaned every 2 months. If the equipment filtering system is not good, snow ice machine manufacturers it needs to be cleaned once a month. , Or replace the filter system, otherwise too much scale will cause the water pump to jam, and in severe cases it will burn the water pump. Therefore, the water circulation sys tem of the ice maker needs to be cleaned regularly when using it.

Poor heat dissipation of the ice maker is mainly due to the fact that the ice making time is too long and the ice cannot be made normally. In addition, the heat dissipation is not good, and the compressor is hot, causing the phenomenon of overheating and preventing ice making. Open the cover to observe whether there is dust on the heat sink that affects the wind flow or other foreign objects block the heat sink, and it needs to be removed in time. Use fan cooling to observe whether the fan is operating normally. The water cooling method needs to see whether the drainage and heat dissipation system is normal, and observe whether there is water flowing out of the water outlet. The water valve needs to be adjusted. The water temperature is discharged from the water outlet, which saves water and electricity.

It is found that the ice machine does not produce ice for a long time. You need to check the refrigeration system to see if the refrigerant is insufficient. In the case of leakage, pressure test is required to check for leaks. After repair welding, refrigerant needs to be added. If the ice still does not produce ice, it may involve computer boards and sensors. The problem is.