What is a fluid ice machine

Update:26 Dec 2020

  Liquid ice, a fluid form of ice, a mixture of co […]


Liquid ice, a fluid form of ice, a mixture of countless tiny ice crystals and an aqueous solution (usually salt water, sea water or glycol). Because of its special semi-liquid form, liquid ice is also called liquid ice, which can be pumped.

Product features of fluid ice machine: fast fresh-keeping speed, in the shortest time it will be fully covered by fresh-keeping products, forming a no dead corner immersion quick-freezing fresh-keeping. commercial ice shaver The temperature of fluid ice is between -2 and -5 degrees. This temperature is suitable for refrigeration temperature, without any damage to the cell tissue of the frozen material. The ice crystals of fluid ice machine are between 0.2-0.5mm, and the softness is particularly good. , The hand feels soft and can enter the frozen objects (fish, shrimp, etc.). The frozen objects will not rub against each other and hurt the frozen objects. Sea water directly makes ice, which greatly reduces the operating cost with ice; the cooling and quick freezing of objects by ice slurry is 15-20 times faster than crushing ice and flake ice.