What is the method of thawing the ice maker

Update:17 Dec 2020

What is the method of thawing the ice maker 1. Unplug t […]

What is the method of thawing the ice maker

1. Unplug the refrigerator, take out the ice cubes in the ice maker and ice tray. Move any food near the ice maker to the refrigerator or another location in the refrigerator.

2. Locate the water injection pipe running to the commercial ice shaver ice maker. If there is a small metal clip holding the tube in place, pull it down and remove it.

3. Turn the blower at low speed and point it at the refill tube to defrost. When the frost melts, wipe off any water with a towel and be careful not to melt any plastic parts in the ice maker or freezer. If you don't want to use a hair dryer, place an ice tray under the tube to catch the water, and then use a small cup or masher to pour a small amount of hot water onto the tube.

4. Before inserting into the refrigerator, please replace the metal clamp and ice tray.


1. Keep the hair dryer away from any melted water and keep the area dry to prevent electric shock.

2. Before inserting, make sure the ice maker and freezer are completely dry.

Inspection of power installation of crushed ice ice maker:

(1) The power source must be the same as that marked on the ice machine plate.

(2) The power seeding head of the ice crusher shall be directly inserted into the power source with grounding wire to remove the base, and shall not be inserted into the temporary terminal board. All lines must comply with national or regional standards.

(3) It must be grounded reliably, and the grounding wire must comply with electrical standards.

(4) The voltage fluctuation of the ice crusher must not exceed ±10% of the rated voltage, otherwise a voltage stabilizer must be installed.