What needs to be checked before the normal use of the ice machine

Update:24 May 2021

  When the ice maker works normally, it is a refri […]


When the ice maker works normally, it is a refrigerator that generates ice after cooling water through the refrigerant of the evaporator refrigeration system. Different ice maker evaporators have different principles, so the ice cubes produced are different. ice maker machine factory The common ice shape is Particles, cubes, snowflakes, etc., but what should the ice maker check before normal operation?

Process required before inspection:

1: Ensure that the power supply equipment shell of AC230V, 50HZ is reliably grounded.

2: Check whether there is water in the tap water before starting the circulating pump. After the water is stopped, open for a period of time to discharge the sediment to prevent affecting the operation of the equipment.

3: According to the experimental requirements, prepare ice cubes in advance, and regularly check whether the ice making of the equipment is normal.
What needs to be checked before the normal use of the ice machine

Operation method:

1: Check whether the connection of each pipeline is tight.

2: Turn on the tap water switch and open the valve to the proper amount of water to ensure that the proper amount of water flows into the ice maker.

3: Insert the power plug into the independent socket properly.

4: Turn on the safety and power switch after power-on, and observe whether the equipment is operating normally.

5: Turn on the switch, and the compressor will start working after three minutes delay.

6: After the compressor starts to work for half an hour, it is necessary to check whether the ice is made normally.

7: After the ice maker starts to make ice for a period of time, it is necessary to retrieve the ice cubes in time, and store the ice cubes according to the experimental requirements.

8: When ice making is not needed, turn off the water inlet switch and the power supply of the ice maker in time to save water.