What should I do if the freezing speed of the block ice machine is slow?

Update:21 May 2021

Block ice machines have a wide range of uses, and are w […]

Block ice machines have a wide range of uses, and are widely used in ice factories at ports and docks, and in the preservation, cooling, and long-distance transportation of aquatic products. Block ice machines are divided into direct cooling block ice machines, salt water block ice shaver wholesale and containerized block ice machines, but what should I do if the block ice machine is slow in freezing speed?
Block ice machine

Reasons for the slow freezing speed of block ice machines:

1: The surface of the evaporator is dirty, greasy or dusty, and the heat transfer effect is reduced.

Solution: The equipment is not used for a long time and the water quality is unqualified. In addition to the poor heat transfer effect of the evaporator, the dust has not been cleaned for a long time, the evaporator surface is very thick, and the heat transfer efficiency is reduced.

2: The compressor efficiency is low, and the cooling capacity cannot meet the ice making load.

Solution: The compressor runs for a long time and is severely worn. The compressor clearance increases and the sealing performance decreases. The compressor gas transmission coefficient will decrease and the cooling capacity will decrease. When the ice production volume is less than the ice production load, the ice production efficiency reduce. The cooling capacity of the compressor is determined by observing the suction and discharge pressure of the compressor.
Block ice machine real shot

3: Direct cooling block ice machine has poor insulation effect or poor sealing performance, and large cold loss.

Solution: Poor thermal insulation performance is caused by the insufficient thickness of the pipe insulation layer, uneven thickness of the evaporator plate, and poor thermal insulation effect, caused by the manufacturer's improper selection of the insulation layer thickness or production process.

4: The cooling capacity of the block ice machine refrigeration system is insufficient.

Solution: Reasons for insufficient refrigerant, insufficient refrigerant filling amount, and more refrigerant leakage. Find the leakage point and check it again.