Which ammonia machine or fluorine machine is more secure?

Update:12 Jun 2020

In the process of our purchase, comparison will definit […]

In the process of our purchase, comparison will definitely be involved. Safety must be the first priority. The following introduces which of the following ammonia and fluorine machines is more secure:

Fluorine machine: Freon is colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-explosive, and has stable chemical properties. It is suitable for high-temperature, medium-temperature and low-temperature refrigerators. The minimum evaporation temperature that can be obtained is -80℃.

Ammonia machine: Ammonia is toxic to the human body, ammonia vapor is colorless, and has a strong pungent odor. Once leaked, it will pollute the air and food, and irritate people's eyes and respiratory organs. Ammonia contact with the skin can cause "frozen injuries". If the volume concentration of ammonia in the air reaches 0.5-0.6%, people can be poisoned by staying in it for half an hour, and it can be ignited when the concentration reaches 11-14%. When the concentration reaches 16-25%, it will cause an explosion. It is stipulated that in densely populated places, toxic refrigerants that are easy to burn and explode cannot be used.