BY-Z25FT-Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser And Big Storage Capacity Ice Maker For Commercial Use

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  1. No need outward drainage,water can be recycled;with ice water function.
  2. Big touch screenTelescopic ice coldwater tap.
  3. Deluxe brushed stainless steel out casing.
  4. Detachable cover makescleaning and maintenancemore easier than regularmachine.
  5. Rotary door and ice storagetank can be took out whenyou want to take ice.
  6. Rotary door can be tookout when it need to becleaned.
  7. Manhole in two sides makerepair more easier.

    Main Features

    1. Two kinds ways of adding water:

        a.   With bottle water

        b.   Connect water tap

    2. Touch screen control

    3.With cold water dispenser

    4. Bigger storage capacity than regular tabletop model

    5. The inside water can be used cycally,no need to drain.

    6. The Door and ice bin can be taken out which make clean easily.

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technical parameter

Model: BY-Z25FT
Voltage: 110-120V 220-240V
Power: 390W
Ice making per cycle: 32pcs
Ways of adding water: Automatically, filter provided
Cooling way: Air cooling
Refrigerant: R134a
Ice making capacity: 25kgs/24h
Ice storage capacity: 6kgs
Product size: 480x395x545mm
Package size(ice bin): 560x470x605mm
Loading quantity: 144/288/384pcs