Do you know how to clean the ice machine

Update:13 Nov 2020

Do you know how to clean the ice machine Ice plays a ve […]

Do you know how to clean the ice machine

Ice plays a very important role in the food processing industry. Therefore, many food processing companies and hotel kitchens now purchase ice machines from block ice machine manufacturers to use. However, when using the ice machine, it must be maintained on a regular basis to allow its long-term high-efficiency performance. In addition, ice maker machine factory  also recommends that the ice machine be hygienic during use to ensure food safety.

Block ice machine manufacturer introduction: how to clean the ice machine

1. Clean the ice inside in time

After using the ice machine, manufacturers of moderately priced block ice machines hope that everyone cleans up and cleans the remaining ice inside the ice machine in time. When cleaning, you should not only turn off the power first, but also avoid direct flushing with water pipes. You should add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent to the ice machine to scrub the enclosure and inner tank of the ice machine, and then use a clean soft cloth to Wipe dry.

2. Regularly clean the inlet valve filter

In order to maintain the sanitation of the ice machine, the block ice machine manufacturer recommends opening the water inlet hose every two months and cleaning the water inlet valve filter, because there will be some sediment impurities in the water. If you do not clean it for a long time It will block the water inlet, making the water inlet smaller and smaller and causing the ice to be unable to make normal ice. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent these impurities from blocking the water inlet.

3. Frequently clean up the dust on the surface

If you want to get a clean ice cube, the ice machine manufacturer recommends that you always clean the dust on the condenser when you use it. On the one hand, you can ensure that the dust will not enter the ice machine, and on the other hand, it can also avoid the accumulation of too thick dust. As a result, the compressor is damaged due to poor heat dissipation. In addition, be careful not to use sharp metal brushes when cleaning dust, but use a soft cloth or brush.

The food industry uses ice cubes to preserve food. Therefore, in order to ensure the sanitation and health of food, it is necessary not only to purchase high-quality ice machines from affordable block ice machine manufacturers, but also to follow the instructions introduced by the block ice machine manufacturers. Methods to do a good job in the cleaning management of the ice maker, so that the ice cubes prepared by the ice maker meet sanitation and safety.