What are the application characteristics of ice shaver

Update:27 Nov 2020

What are the application characteristics of ice shaver […]

What are the application characteristics of ice shaver

The chopped ice particles flow into the tray through the discharge port. Pay attention to the smooth discharge of the material outlet and not be blocked, otherwise the cutter head will be stuck and the motor will burn out. If you find that the cutter head is stuck, ice shaver China manufacturer you should immediately raise the handle of the pressing cover, turn off the switch, unplug the plug, and troubleshoot in time. The thickness of the ice particles can be achieved by adjusting the height of the blade protruding from the cutter head.

When adjusting, first remove the plastic plate that protects the switch device, loosen the screw fixing the elbow, pull out the barrel, and then loosen the cutter head. Remove the cutter head, loosen the compression screw of the blade, install it in place according to your requirements, and then put the cutter head back in place in order. Widely used in the catering industry, hot and cold drink shops, western restaurants, coffee shops, casual snacks and hotels and other industries,

After each use, it must be cleaned. When cleaning, turn off the main power switch, unplug the plug, and then wipe the water on the machine with a clean towel. After cleaning, remember to lift the handle of the press cover. It is not allowed to use detergent during cleaning to prevent the residual detergent on the machine from causing pollution. It is also not allowed to rinse with water directly, so as to prevent the electrical parts from getting damp, affecting the safe use and damaging the machine.

The motor design has a temporary interception rate of 80%, so long-term continuous operation should be avoided. After one hour of continuous work, you should pause for 20 minutes before starting to work again. This will greatly extend the service life of the motor. Regardless of whether it is cleaning, overhauling, replacing blades or cleaning ice slag, etc., you should turn off the power first, unplug the power plug, and do not allow the machine to run without load for a long time.