Why can't the ice machine produce ice?

Update:03 Dec 2020

1. It may be that the water temperature probe is malfun […]

1. It may be that the water temperature probe is malfunctioning or the ice mold is obviously scaling.
If the water temperature probe fails, use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the water temperature probe. If the resistance is above 27K, it is judged that the controller is broken and should be replaced.
If the resistance value is less than 27K, you must disconnect any one of the two wires, and adjust the resistance value to between 27K and 28K according to the form of series resistance.
2. Check the main engine components first, and then check the internal parts. Failure to light on the host or display.
Check the mainframe switch, insurance, socket for open circuit, short circuit, etc., make sure that the mainframe components are normal, then open the mainframe box or display screen for inspection.
3. After opening the main box, first check whether the plug and socket of the system board are tilted, whether the resistance and capacitor pins collide, whether the surface layer is burnt, whether the chip surface layer is cracked, and whether the copper foil on the motherboard is burnt. Off.
Also check whether there is a short circuit caused by foreign matter falling into the components of the motherboard, or whether there is a burnt or discolored place on the signboard, whether the trace (copper foil) on the printed circuit board is broken, etc.