How to maintain and maintain the ice machine

Update:06 Nov 2020

How to maintain and maintain the ice machine As we all […]

How to maintain and maintain the ice machine
As we all know, the ice machine is used very frequently, so the machine will fail, ice crusher wholesale so how to reduce the frequency of failure? How to maintain? Has become a concern
1. Installation of the power supply of the ice maker
(1) The power supply must be the same as that indicated on the machine nameplate.
(2) All lines must comply with national standards.
(3) It must be grounded reliably, and the grounding wire must comply with electrical standards. Voltage fluctuation shall not exceed ±10% of rated voltage
Two, the matters needing attention of the ice machine
(1) The small ice maker should be placed in a ventilated, safe and clean place.
(2) This machine should not be placed in the open, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight and rain. Keep the surrounding area away from heat sources.
(3) The operating environment of the machine cannot be lower than 6℃ and not higher than 41℃.
(4) There should be enough space around the machine, especially the rear side should not be less than 25cm. So that the machine can dissipate heat.
(5) Please adjust the anchor screws at the bottom of the machine to ensure that the machine is placed horizontally and stably.
3. Installation of the ice machine water system
(1) Please connect to a water source that meets local drinking water standards.
(2) Connect the filter when necessary to improve the drinking standard of water.
(3) The water supply system must meet the following conditions:
a. The minimum water temperature is 2℃ and the maximum does not exceed 32℃
b. The lowest water pressure is 137kp and the highest is 551kpa
It is mainly the above method, your machine equipment will not have problems, and the equipment should be maintained and maintained frequently to increase the service life of the machine.